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The Law of Faith (3-Volume Set)


3 Volumes over 12 CDs

A law is any applied principle that, when activated, produces the same result every time. When we jump, the law of gravity brings us back down to the Earth 100% of the time. Go ahead, try it. In the same way, the law of faith is a principle from God that always gives the intended result when it is activated. Many times in the Bible, it is said that “the just shall live by faith”. God gave us His faith and we are told to put this law into practice every day that we have breath. Without faith, it is impossible to please God because our faith is how God is able to move and produce His Kingdom plan in the Earth. In His latest series The Law of Faith, Apostle Dr. Steven L. Pettis gives a step-by-step teaching on how to activate this law in your daily life.