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Faith Inventory


8 CDs

To take inventory is to 1) take stock of 2) evaluate and 3) keep an available supply. Since believers are mandated to live by faith, a faith inventory is important to ensure this mandate is being fulfilled effectively and consistently. A famous play-write once said “to thine own self be true”. Be honest with your faith walk and take inventory by asking questions like:

  • -Am I praying enough?
  • -Am I praying correctly and with the right motives?
  • -Am I doing the right things long enough?
  • -Am I continually increasing my capacity to believe?
  • -Am I allowing reasoning to compromise spiritual truths?
  • -Do I have an available supply of faith for when a storm comes?

Listen to this epic two-volume teaching on Faith Inventory by Apostle Pettis and see your breakthrough to the end.

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