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What’s the importance of wearing a wedding ring?

What is wrong with your husband when he’s always staring at other women?

What does God say about divorce?

Is it adultery to re-marry when you’re divorced or widowed?

How long should an engagement last?

How do you trust and forgive someone when you’ve been hurt?

How do you prepare yourself to get married if you’re over 21 and staying at home?

How do I encourage my wife for more intimacy?

Should I go with my spouse when they are travelling on business?

How do you cope when your spouse is serving in the military?

How do I build up a spouse who has weaker faith than me?

How do you create standards for what you want in a spouse?

How do I encourage my wife for more intimacy?


How do I remain a good steward when my wife is living above her means?

Can you be in love with two people at the same time?

How can a wife get results from her husband without nagging?

How do you deal with a rebellious teen?

How do you pick a good name for your child?

Should you talk to your children from a previous relationship when you’re considering marriage?

In raising your kids, how do you draw the line between being a provider for them and teaching them to use God as their Source?

How does a man raise his children in the Word of God when their mother raises the children another way?